Help with identifying (dead) bird... kestrel?

Hi all,

I found this bird (dead unfortunately, sorry for gruesome pictures) in my garden in North London. I would love to hear from anyone about what it could be? The tail pattern made me think juvenile kestrel - I would have thought they wouldn't be in such an urban area... but I know very little about birds!

Thank you in advance!

  • It's a sparrowhawk. Heartbreaking photos.

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  • Glad you posted Limpy, what I suspected but not confident enough to say!


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    Hello Limpy,

    That's so interesting. Thanks for your help. I have never seen a sparrow hawk before.

    Yes, sorry for the gruesome pics. I wasn't sure on cause of death as there were no visible injuries. Anyway, I've buried it under a lovely bush for some peace. Beautiful creature.

    Thanks again!
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    Dead sparrowhawks in gardens are very usually due to collision with a window.
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    That’s good to know, thanks.

    We found this one in the middle section of the garden, quite far away from the house. Could it have flown into a window and then managed to fly away and then died?
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    Possibly. Could also have been moved by an animal. Broken neck is often the result of window collision, so usually there is a dusty mark on the glass and the body is on the ground underneath. In at least one photo, the bill appears broken. I might be wrong though.