Having a Good Hare Day

Walking to a known good place to see hares near home today my wife I were rewarded with 8 or 9 hares sitting in a field. We were watching from a well screened footpath and the hares got up and started to chase each other about. We were well hidden enough for 2 of them to come straight towards us and then across in front without seeing us. The only down side for viewing was they were coming at us with the sun behind them so my best pictures were of them going away from us.

To view these pictures at their best you may need to click on the magnify icon and/or zoom function.


  • Nice captures Trevor, I have only seen them once boxing and that was years ago, wish we could get out I know a place were there are some but sadly we are not aloud to travel I might just go on the moors here and see if I can spot any.


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  • Tremendous, Trevor. I still can't understand why your pics don't appear in proper focus on the main thread though!
    I think I've only ever seen hares on 3 occasions, and only one of them was more than a single beastie (in Yorkshire on hols a couple of years ago)
  • In reply to James:

    We are very lucky here in Suffolk, our village is surrounded by agricultural land and most fields seem to have at least one or two hares in them but the views are often distant. If you do find them near the road they soon see you and are off.
    Today was lucky because we saw them from a green lane footpath well screened from the hares, in fact one got within 20 feet of us without seeing us. Lockdown has forced us to look closer to home and it has had some huge bonuses photography wise, but I still miss getting to the coast only 20 or so miles away.

  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    I think it's because I post them at full size, but if I reduce the resolution so that they view in focus straight away you lose the ability to zoom in as much.
    This is my best ever year for hares, probably because we're forced to stay local and I've probably been driving past them to get to Minsmere for years.

  • Lovely photos, even against the light.
    I'm not sure what you intend by "full size" and "resolution". I don't change the size (pixel count) of my photos, but I do increase the compression when converting to JPEG to make sure they are <4MB. When I do that they appear in focus in the thread and will expand also. I'm not criticising, just trying to help with the focus in the thread. It's much easier for viewers if they only have to click when they want to see a particular photo expanded.


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  • I love these photos, brilliant Trevor well captured
  • In reply to Nigel O:

    In simple terms what I do with my photos is that they start life as a raw file on the camera, are processed and edited and cropped(usually) in DXO Photolab 4 , then saved as a jpeg file. Then I open a new post in the Community and simply drag the saved files I want to post and drop them in the dialogue box, highlight each picture and expand it to close to the width of the dialogue box. Is it possible that this method is the problem? I find it easier to do do than the browse and find a file to attach method.

  • Hi Trevor, I don't know what others do, but I shoot in XFine JPEG, then crop with the software that came with my old bridge camera, then use the drop down and browse boxes in the new thread, and the only ones that appear out of focus are the ones I took that are out of focus lol. I keep promising myself to start using RAW, but as the browse files method is so time consuming to use, I don't have the time to do more than crop and occasionally lighten/darken the initial images, as some of my posts tend to ramble on a bit, and Mrs PB rolls her eyes at me on occasion for being sat at the computer!
  • In reply to PimperneBloke:

    Hi PB, I used fine jpeg for a long time, the Photo Editing software I was using wouldn't handle the RAW files off my camera. When I upgraded to DXO Photolab 4 for photo editing I could use RAW so I now shoot in jpeg and RAW. The jpegs for easy access to photos and RAW for fine tweaking the best results and especially for shots taken in challenging conditions such as low light and high ISO. I use a Panasonic Micro 4/3 camera so pictures can start to become noisy in low light above 2000/2500 ISO and the DXO Software is very good at reducing noise, In good light there is not much difference between jpeg and RAW.
  • In reply to TJS:

    TJS said:
    highlight each picture and expand it to close to the width of the dialogue box. Is it possible that this method is the problem?

    Yes, this is the problem, Trevor. Dragging the corner of the photo to fill the space available doesn't, I'm afraid, alter the size of the image although it may appear to do so. What is happening is that the 360x240 image is just being spread over a larger area thus reducing the resolution. I've inspected the HTML of your last hare photo and you can see the image size is still 360x240.

    If you use the drag and drop method I think the only way to alter the size of the image is to edit the HTML. This is possible using Source Code under the Tools drop down menu. Whether you want to bother to do this is up to you. I think this is why most of us use the Browse dialogue box even though it can be a bit tedious if you have a lot of photos



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