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I am currently doing a foundation degree in animal management. For my course I have to do a project, I have decided to look at how the effects of lockdown has impacted UK nesting birds. If anyone could complete my survey for this I would really appreciate it .

  • Hi Jasmine,

    Please don't take this as negative criticism, quite the contrary. I've had a look at your form, which is well laid out, but unfortunately I'm unable to complete it.

    It lacks one series of questions; "not able to get out and walk or zero walking", because during Lockdown, with my location being very urban, I'm unable to get out and walk anywhere, apart from the local shops, and wildlife is far from prominent in my area, apart from the garden.

    My nearest suitable walking place would be either a reserve or National Trust, both of which are a minimum of 30 mins drive, which is questionable as to whether it is local enough or not for exercise, particularly when we have a wooded area 10 mins walk away,. but is a druggie den and full of dumped rubbish, sofas etc.

    You may even benefit from including the garden aspects, for which I've seen a healthy growth in species during lockdown.

    I'm not alone in not being able to get out and walk anywhere, I know some others on this forum who are either in a similar position, or self-isolating taking heed of government advice.

    In the interim, I wish you every success with your questionnaire and your foundation degree in animal management.


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  • In reply to Mike B:

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your comments, you have raised some valid points which will be very useful for me to mention in my project.
  • In reply to Jasminehouser:

    Hi Jasmine, you're very welcome, and good luck with the questionnaire and your foundation degree in animal management.  


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