Hi - new to forum, but not new to Bird watching


I have only just found this forum, despite using the RSPB website for many years for my bird identification etc.

I've been birdwatching on and off since I was 4 (so 30 years ago lol) and have always had a passion not just for birds, but for all wildlife, be it furry, feathery, scaly, creepy, slimy, whatever lol.

I'm a Wild Learning Officer with the Wildlife Trust in Northampton and have been since August 2019, although I've been a volunteer with them since July 2018 and I love it there. 

I love the RSPB reserve in Sandy, and before lockdown no 1 last year, I used to go regularly as I could and have definitely fallen in love with the place.

I have yet to visit other RSPB reserves - maybe after all of the pandemic is over and I've passed my driving test I will get to see them all over the UK. I have already got my Big Garden Bird Watch Pack and I have done this survey for several years now.

One of the reasons why I came on here today was to say that I've just had a real highlight of my day - I saw a Marsh Tit on my bird feeder!! I didn't manage to get a photo of it as it flew off as soon as it had picked up a couple of seeds, but it was definitely a Marsh Tit and it was confirmed both by my Dad, who got me into bird watching and also a fellow lover of wildlife himself, and a look at the ID Page on the RSPB website definitely confirmed my sighting!! So, a very happy lady sitting here right now ;-D

Looking forward to having a look around the forum and seeing what people have found.

Take care.


  • Welcome. Just to give you a 'heads up'. Marsh tit and willow tit are very hard to tell apart, esp if the viewing is as brief as described. Law of averages point to it most likely being marsh, and for such a brief sighting, location is probably the best way to 'confirm' in terms of likelihood. Either way, very good garden tick. Only ever had one marsh tit in the garden and that's over a number of decades....

  • Hi Mweekie and welcome to the Community from Berkshire. It's good to have someone on here who works for a conservation organisation.
    I don't get Marsh Tits where I live and the only time I see them is when I visit relatives in Gloucestershire where they do come to feeders. A nice sighting for you.
    Enjoy the chat and feel free to share any photos you may get.



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  • Hello Mweekie and welcome to the community forum from me to in Cheshire; always good to have new visitors to the website with a joint interest in bird/wildlife so you are in like minded company here ! As you say, since lockdown it's been disappointing not to be able to travel to nature reserves and spend as much time as we would like outdoors but there are lot of RSPB reserves for you to check out once we have more freedom. Being in the North West of England two of my favourite places are Burton Mere Wetlands rspb on the Wirral and also Leighton Moss rspb in north Lancashire which is a definite one to put on your list -  there is also Martin Mere wetland centre WWT  in Burscough, Lancashire.      Well done for all your volunteer work with WT; wish I'd started birding at the age of 4 but I was more like 56 lol !! Once again, welcome and look forward to hearing about the wildlife/birds you see.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Welcome fae me up here in baltic central Scotland. Only been on this forum for about a year now and gotta say feels like longer as everyone is so helpful, friendly and a bit mad sometimes. I am sure you will enjoy and I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Well done on the Marsh Tit...hope it returns and you get a pic and share it with us all

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Hello Mweekie welcome form me further up in Scotland, at the very top, in Caithness. Good to have you on board, I am sure you will enjoy being here, lots to read and see and always help available. Yes we are a bit mad at times, but he ho great banter, as you will find. You did start early at 4 years old? Talking about tits, I have always had blue and great tit visiting but over the last few weeks a couple of coal tits have appeared, hope they stay aroud for next week's count! Enjoy.

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  • Hello and welcome from a "currently" damp and dark W Midlands.

    You're not alone with a burning desire to visit the RSPB reserves, and Lockdown is making it difficult for a good many of us. Best of luck with the driving lessons, once you've passed your test and got your first car, you'll wonder how you managed with out one all these years.


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  • Hi everyone.

    Thank you for the wonderful welcome on here. I have really enjoyed reading all of your messages.

    I was wondering how do you post a photo on here as I finally have some photos of my little 'Morris' the Marsh Tit.

    I have actually had it confirmed that 'Morris' is definitely a Marsh tit as I spoke to one of the people on here and described 'him' in detail to the gentleman that confirmed it. The really kind guy (can't remember his name now) said to me that was a lovely little find at the bird table - so that made me happy.

    I was then lucky enough to get some photos of Morris yesterday - perfectly in time for the BGBW!

    So adding a photo on here would be great.

    Many thanks again for your kind welcome.

    Mweekie xx
  • Hi Mweekie
    You can either add the photo to your original post by clicking the more option and then edit, then look for the icon to upload images/file.
    Or you can add one in a new reply by clicking the use rich formatting link under any reply box.
    Shout if you want more help.

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  • In reply to Mweekie:

    Unfortunately, separating marsh tit from willow tit is not possible from a description. As mentioned prev., it could well be a marsh tit, and is certainly more likely. Would be good to get to see the photos. Even then though, it isn't always possible to say for sure whether it is marsh or willow.
  • Welcome Mweekie, its funny reading this because the same thing happened to me last week, I understand, correct me if I am wrong but are more blackcaps wintering in England now, as I saw it two days on the trot what I first thought was either a willow or a marsh tit, but then I thought could it have been a black cap ? I was unfortunate not to get a photo as it was only at the feeder a few seconds before it flew off. I thought it was a one off but to see it the day after was a real surprise having seen the bird twice I was now ready with the camera on day three but unfortunately I have not seen it since.

    I have photographed a blackcap last year and it clearly had the black cap on its head. The size of the bird was around the size of a house sparrow Or robin if that helps.