Bird table and fat balls

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I am very new to this forum (I hope I have posted on the right one) and the whole scenario of birds but have always had a keen interest. I asked for a bird table for my birthday which is now standing proudly in the back garden. However, we seem to be getting very few birds visiting the table, I have scattered seed and nuts on the top, I then put some bread on it to try and encourage even more, but this has caught the attention of crows and pigeons which I don't want, has anybody any tips, or should it be situated in a certain place. We have bought some fat balls too and they are hanging off our pergola, I haven't seen one bird on these either. Thank you in advance. 

  • Hi Alexandra and welcome to the community forum.     There can be various reasons bird tables or feeders are not attracting the birds, it may just take a while for the birds to become familiar with a new table/feeder,  it may need positioning differently so birds feel safe whilst using the feeder/table.      I have added THIS LINK which gives some information.     I wouldn't use bread as it is not suitable food for birds,   sunflower hearts usually appeal to a good variety of birds and I would suggest adding peanuts/fat-cake, suet pellets during the colder winter season.   Never use whole peanuts loose on a bird table during March - August as it is breeding season and whole nuts should then be placed inside a dedicated peanut feeder so whole nuts are not taken to feed chicks which could possible choke them.      Live mealworms or dried and then rehydrated mealworms are also a popular food for garden birds although these are more expensive.      Good luck and hope your new bird table gets some small bird visitors soon ..............  and belated Happy Birthday to you.       


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    I put fat balls into a standard peanut hanging feeder- seems to work :)


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