Avian Flu


I,m new to the site. joined to find out if others have noticed a decline in bird numbers to their feeders. We have 2 feeders and normally have a queue of  goldfinches, chaffinches etc ,and have to replenish the feeders twice per day. Over the last 19 days there has been a significant drop in numbers, even though we have had snow and very cold.The feeders don't need replenishing nearly so much. We are in the Scottish Borders and our son in Glasgow has noticed the same. Worried this could be avian flu.  We have chickens who are in lock down in the polytunnell.

  • Hello Minkx, welcome from Caithness, further up the motorway and A9 from the borders and Glasgow, the very top. I can't say I have noticed a decline in them at our feeders. I would the usual breeds about and possibly the same in numbers.

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  • hello Catlady,
    It is all very strange. Even if the goldfinches are gone, there are usually masses of chaffinches picking up what the goldfinches drop. Hopefully they will return. I can,t find any recent updates on Avian Flu, the only recorded outbreak in Scotland was in Orkney which is much closer to you in Caithness..
  • Hi Minkx welcome to the forum from me in Lanarkshire. I think the long lasting freeze may have played a part recently as I had about 20 chaffis on the ground hoovering up what the greenies dropped, and since bad weather the numbers have dropped to about 5 but have had an increase in goldies recently, other than that still the same amount of all other visitors. Now that we have defrosted hopefully they shall be back soon.

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  • In reply to Linda257:

    There do seem to bi a few more birds this morning, though the feeders are still half full from 2 days ago. Not much competition as we have no close neighbors.Saving us money though!
  • Weatherand time of year is most likely the cause imo.