What is this bird - sparrowhawk?

Hi, new to the community, good to meet everyone.  Could you help settle a little neighbourly debate here?  Picture taken in neighbours garden, SE UK, we think it's a sparrow hawk (possibly female?) and others have suggested perigrine falcon or goshawk?

Thanks :) 

  • Sparrowhawk for me. It doesn't have the marked moustache of a Peregrine (which are anyway less likely to end up in a garden) and a Goshawk really would be exceptionally rare in a garden whereas Sparrowhawks are frequent garden visitors (assume the obvious unless you have evidence to support the unexpected).


    Nige   Flickr

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    Thank you Nigel.
  • Hi

    a standard housebrick is about 2 and 3/4 inches deep so your bird is about 11 - 12 inches long in that photo:)

    A Sparrowhawk is 11-15 inches long , a Peregrine is 15-18 inches long and a Goshawk is 22-26 inches long.



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  • Very observant and good thinking :) Thank you.