Both Food Raiders Thwarted At Last

Posting this in case it helps others. We are lucky to live in the Blackbird Leys suburb of Oxford where there are wooded areas dotted around.  Plenty of Blackbirds and garden birds all year round.  But also the two scourges of Pigeons and Squirrels.  After several attempts I finally constructed a bird feeding station that keeps them both away whilst catering for both perching and table feeding birds.  The squirrels are thwarted by a combination of support legs that taper into the centre of the table and the corrugated plastic roofing along the sides.  Each new brood spends a day scampering up the poles and vainly trying to get a grip on the slippy plastic and then ignores the feeding station completely.  The mesh cage on top thwarts the Pigeons.  It is made of four sides and a top woven together from plastic garden trellice for climbing plants, with 4cm mesh which is big enough for the smaller birds to fly through; in a couplle of places I've made the holes large enough for Blackbirds that also enjoy feeding from the table.  It slides down onto and is held securely by the corrugated plastic sides.