Will birds come to my 3rd floor flat central Brixton?!

I’ve recently moved into a flat in the centre of busy Brixton. I would love to encourage birds to come to my windows and am about to plant some windows boxes to create some sort of window garden vibe, at least some green/colourful interest to attract insects and birds. 

My question really is, am I barking up the wrong tree getting a selection of bird feeders/boxes to put around my various windows? I’ll birds actually come? As you can imagine there aren’t any trees or green areas in my local but the nearest park isn’t far away.  The nice thing is The flat is old and quirky so I have windows on 3 different side, facing both busy and quiet aspects in both light and shade so I’m hoping this might make a difference if I try all of these different places?

I really miss having my own garden and just want to see some wildlife especially birds. I do have a bit of roof space (not that I can see that out of my windows) so would also be interested to know what might encourage birds to my bit of roof (bird baths/tables/plants and small trees I could pot etc) ? 

thanks in advance! 

  • I think it's a brilliant idea. For a start you'll get a lot of pleasure from the window boxes & I'm sure the birds will come too. It may take a while to entice one or two but once a few start the rest will follow. For the roof bit you'll have to be careful about predators like cats, I'm not sure what will be up there. You may need permission from the neighbours too? If there is room a seat (for you) & some flowers in boxes will be nice in the summer.

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France