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Hi friends, I used to feed a pigeon on my window since he was born for 1 1/2 years, he came everyday two or three times and usually was around watching the window and taking care that other birds did not perch on the window. Seven months ago he brought a girlfriend and they used to eat togheter. But it's been 11 days he hasn't come back and I'm wondering if something happened to him or if he just left or took like a trip..I'm also worried if I put him too much food..I put rice,sometimes lentils, peas, bread, and little pieces of pasta. Last days it was only rice and don't know if he just got tired.. I find it very weird he left companion and she returns everyday alone. So my question is if a pigeon who has food and a partner can just get tired and go to travel? I miss this pigeon so bad!

  • Hi Jenina it could be at this time of the year it has moved for the winter or sadly it may have been predated by a Sparrowhawk.
    Hopefully it will still turn up it may have found a new food supply nearby.

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  • Peregrines also take a lot of pigeons in urban settings now. I don't know if that is the case with this example. Obviously, if rural and wood pigeons, a lot get shot in some areas.
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    Hi! well there are lots of eagles in my zone but I still keep seeing all the old pigeons flying around so it seemed to me weird only this one is disappeared..sadly the girlfriend can't speak to tell what happened :'( I hope he just found another source of food, nice to meet you!!
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    I'm suspecting, based on the last post, it's not in this country so could be a multitude of possibilities.

  • Hi Jenna, it is quite possible that he and his mate have a nest. Males tend to sit on the nest during the day and females at night, that might explain his absence. I have a flock of up to 80 pigeons that visit my garden and I sometimes don't see particular birds for a month or more and then they return. Hope he returns soon.

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  • Which part of USA are we talking about?