I don't know if a pigeon has died or if its just really cold and stund and I've put it in the bin in a box and now I have anxiety incase it was alive any help lol

Hi everyone I'm new to this lol I've just signed up to ask a question as it's been playing on my mind all night. I came home about 5 and noticed a pigeon was laying in the grass next to our building next to the door now I went inside and got rubber gloves on and came back out and it felt stiff and cold now it's the eyelid was up half way across its eyes where you could jut see the top of its eyes now this is where its strange its 2 legs where facing back the way but I tried to see if maybe it was just stund or if it was dead when I found it I thought it was sleeping because the way it was laying as if it was resting on a nest so when I put it on its side its head didn't flop and it didn't move at all as if it was stiff so I automatically thought okay I think it's dead then u thought I seen the eyelid move a slight bit and I got a fright so I checked underneath it and I couldn't see any chest movements so I went inside and got a box and put a couple sheets of kitchen roll at the bottom and lay it in it and sellotaped it and put it in 2 black bags and sat it in a bin outside now I keep thinking what if it wasn't dead and was just unconscious or something and I've put it in a bin but I thought because it's head didn't flop and it didn't move when I touched it that it was dead now where I live (Scotland) it's cold just now and I thoughts keep going through my mind like what if it was so cold it couldn't move or something lol and it's trying to get out a box I would feel so bad I don't want to go the bins outside incase someone thinks am bin raking lol any advice oh I also have been feeding the pigeons in my area for about a year now and got to know many of them but most of them are away bringing up baby pigeons just now so I'm kinda leaning towards that little pigeon was a male as it would maybe be on a nest and was not very old by the white bit on his beak his as they say it wattle lol any advice would be greatly appreciated lol 

  • A difficult problem Sara, sounds from your description as if pigeon had died but, of course, the only way for you to be sure is to check inside the box!


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    Thanks for the reply Wendy I was pretty sure it had passed away because it didn't respond when I touched or picked it up and it was really cold but in the back of my mind I was thinking what if it was to cold to move but I'm going to check this morning if it looks like it has moved I will quickly call the sspca. Poor little guy I wish I found him alot earlier but he blended in with the walls and the grassy bit it was his white under wing that caught my eye I love animals with all my heart and I've grew found of pigeons I have a group of 20 pigeons that visit me at half 4 and stick around till about half 5 quarter to 6 every night i don't know how to upload pictures to this as I'm using my phone. The other day I did hear one coughing and wheezing I thought it had something stuck in its throat and tried to catch it but it flew away I'm maybe wondering if it was that little guy :(
  • Hi Sara, it sounds to me that the pigeon was dead when you found it. I wouldn't worry that it was still alive. The stiff body, eyes and position of the legs all suggest a dead bird.

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