Stunned Jackdaw

4 weeks ago I picked up a Jackdaw that was stunned on the ground. It couldn't fly at all, was lying on its side on the road and could not lift its head straight.

It was on the road and I picked it up so it wouldn't be run over by a car.

It allowed me to pick it up and on close inspection it's beak was blocked by something that looked like clay or Lyme mortar.

I used some water and an old toothbrush to clean it out and after about 20 min it attempted to fly.

It would fly 6ft in the air, try to land on a ledge and was flapping it's wings as it could t balance itself to land. Eventually it crashed down again.

I let it drink more and it flew away in short flights away.

Yesterday (4 weeks later)

It was back in the area. Found by my partner's daughter.

Again, flightless and stunned, on the ground.

This time we put him into a cat cage for an hour to rest with water, covered up and in quiet.

Opening the cage it flew away.

Today it's here again.this time he kind of attempted to fly at me, crashed near me feet and hopped over to me. Waited for me to pick it up.

I picked it up and he's in a cage now on some hay.

I don't know what to do.

Could it recognise me and come back for help?!

What can I do?

It seems whole, it is able to lift of the ground, bit not to land.

When it tries to land on car roof or ledge, it's like he stays on the corner and unable to stabilize itself and just keeps flapping it's wings untill he falls off.

Please advise.