Hi, just joined to show you guys this

Black and white crow

  • Welcome Roy, and well done on working out how to post pictures!! Unless you have some painters and decorators in the area I think it has a condition called leucysm, which affects the pigmentation. I'm sure others will be along to either correct me or expand on leucysm :o) And nice pics too!!
  • Just here to correct your spelling PB! 
    Heres a link to more information on leucism

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    Welcome to the community

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    Arr, but wen yoo kums frum dahn ear, we spellz stuf difrant loike :o)

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    Ah ken man

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone
    I live in Jersey Channel Islands so get a great range of birds here, I will post more for you guys soon, I’m more into my sea birds as I do a lot of fishing on the coasts, gannets, guilimots, heron, egrets, oyster catchers etc
    Keep you posted
  • Look forward to reading your future posts Roy and we all love a pic or 2 (or 50 in PBs posts )

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  • Welcome to the Forum, Roy--thanks for the photos of your bird. One of our visiting Crows has a few white wing feathers, but nothing as notable as yours. It is curious that the white feathers have black tips. I hope someone will post a few possible explanations for that. As you can see, we're a friendly bunch on this Forum and not always deadly serious!
    PB, Oh, ha, ha! and I'd be fascinated to hear about your (possibly fictional) heritage and where you have lived--perhaps there's a bit of the East End of London creeping in there at the last, or possibly even New Joisey, USA--lol!

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  • Welcome to this relaxed forum Roy and glad to have you aboard. Sounds like you live in a fantastic country/area for birds so look forward to your future posts on here. Lovely photo of the leucistic crow, amazing how many birds are seen with varying degrees of pigment abnormalies.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Linda257 said:
    or 50 in PBs posts

    Wellll, when I get in the mood….. I get in the mood 

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    Gardenbirder said:
    your (possibly fictional) heritage

    I was born, the seventh son, of the seventh son, of an ancient mariner, who rode the waves of life with gay abandon, on the back of a Sea Horse called Mac, with his faithful Dogfish by his side (called Tosh) He was fine when it rained as he had Mac n Tosh. They went where time and tides did wait for man, and a watched pot did boil, (if you left it on the stove long enough). Many a true word wasn't spoken in jest, they were all lies, damned lies and statistics. And yet, still, the only truths in life were death and taxes!