Baby pigeon help!

My blasted cat bought me a baby pigeon yesterday. I think he's about 8 days old. I've been syringe feeding him porridge oats mixed with water and he is now squeaking as he should. I've also seen him clean his 'feathers'. I'm a little worried as with some squeaks he is also puffing. Is this normal? 



  • Hi Em, if the pidge has been catted, even if there are no visible injuries, it needs antibiotics as a matter of urgency.

    Please check to see if there is a rescue near you. A vet will most likely euthanize it, or decline to treat it, since it is a wild animal and they are not equipped to deal with them (on the whole). I would advise against feeding. Keep it warm and hydrated. If you have experience of syringing, then some unflavoured dyoralyte will rehydrate and give electrolytes. Please do not feed it porridge oats mixed with water. There might be an air sac issue too. I would suggest getting it to a rescue centre asap. Good luck.

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