Blackbird Fledgling and Pigeon fledgling best of friends

This is a strange one.

I have a fledgling blackbird in my garden.

My feathered friend can fly now and is very confident.

The fledgling pays me visits almost every day accompanied by mother and father who are used to me now and very friendly. Once almost making there way into the house. They seem to recognise that I’m no threat and have helped them tear their young.

This is where the story gets weird.

over the last week or so I’ve noticed that the fledgling blackbird and a fledgling pigeon have been hanging out with each other and following each other around and feeding together. It was very sunny the other day and when I went in the garden the fledgling blackbird was asleep on bird table next to fledgling pigeon nestled underneath its wing.

mother and father don’t mind this at all and are very relaxed about it.

its very nice to see but my question is this. Is cross bird species affection/friendship normal and what to do about it.

kind Regards Jonathan Stott.