Yellow Wagtails in Cornwall

We were sitting outside at the Norway Inn near Falmouth this afternoon, and first heard then noticed two unusual little birds which seemed to be nesting in one of the inn's lovely window boxes. Very happy to see these were what I now see are endangered yellow wagtails, in a place they are not expected to be. Wondering if the quiet of lockdown and the glorious spring we had has encouraged back such rare species. Bird lovers on the way into beautiful Falmouth should pop in to see them now we're able to. You can't miss them as they're so noisy! So sad we didn't photograph them, as we didn't realise they were rare. They look happy and well-established, and hoping they were nesting successfully in what looked like a safe place for them.

  • I haven't been to Falmouth for a long time. However, sounds like you saw grey wagtails which despite their name are largely yellow.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    I can understand why you say that, and they seem very similar. However, there was no grey at all on these birds, but a darkish olive green instead on the top side, distinct white feathers on the tail, the yellow very distinct. They seemed especially fond of flies as food. There was nothing light or grey on their heads like the grey wagtail. Still, who can say how far birds can migrate, especially around a port like Falmouth.
  • In reply to JanR-738015671:

    Reason they were, IMO, grey wagtail is yellow and grey have very different requirements. Yellows nest on the ground, they migrate here and are found in meadows, fields etc. They don't nest in and around people either. Greys are far more common, far more adaptable, happy to nest in things, incl window boxes, and breed near rivers. The Kennall is across the road from the Norway Inn. That isn't yellow wagtail habitat.