Hello & possible Savi's Warbler

Hi Everyone,

I've recently moved to Dodworth in Barnsley, and have a beautiful little garden that seems to attract a lot of bird life, which has now got me interested in watching them and finding out more about the visitors I get each day.

90% of what I seem to get in the garden is sparrows and dunnocks, but I also get pigeons, blackbirds, goldfinch's, blue tits and Jays. However, about a week ago I spotted this little fella...

Which looks to my (very) inexperienced eye to be a Savi's Warbler, but I wanted to get the take of the experts on here. Have I got that right, or am I off the mark?

  • Hi Gaz welcome to the community from just south of you near Sheffield.
    I'm afraid it's not a Savi's but a young Starling.

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  • Awww, and there was me getting excited that I spotted something rare.

    This bird spotting lark (pun absolutely intended) is not easy, is it?

    I've been using the RSPB images to try and identify things, but of course those don't show young birds, or even necessarily male and female variants. Does anyone have any tips on how to work better identify the birds I'm seeing?
  • Use a decent bird book, such as the "Collins Bird Guide"

    Richard B

  • If it hangs around you should see it gradually change in to an adult, it will start getting the adult feathers on the body first with its head the last to change.
    I found this community a great help in learning to identify birds and wildlife in general by posting photos of anything I didn't know, the one thing people on here will tell you there is no such thing as a daft question.

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  • Thanks for that Richard B. Does that book include reference to the different variants of each bird i.e. male, female, young etc, as that seems to catch me out a lot?
  • If you are not planning on birding in Europe I'd strongly recommend Britain's Birds. It's a photographic guide but very comprehensive and shows birds in a variety of plumages and gender variation. Great value for money too. If you do buy it make sure you get the second edition which is just out.



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  • Hi

    the RSPB Pocket guide to British Birds is small cheap and only has about 200 species :)

    AND it has juvenile Starling :)


    For advice about Birding, Identification,field guides,  binoculars, scopes, tripods,  etc - put 'Birding Tips'   into the search box

  • In reply to TeeJay:

    That does look good Tony, I think it will soon be joining the collection .

    Richard B

  • Thanks Tony. I've ordered one of those.