i have a Wren nest in my garden.

i have been watching intently and have 2 questions.

Does the male and female both feed the young?

Ive noticed the Wren taking something away. What is it taking away and is the other parent in the nest and passing it something?Thanks

  • Lucky you to be able to observe a Wren nesting in your garden Nikki, here are some interesting facts for you ... www.vinehousefarm.co.uk/.../
    BTW, not a good idea to have your email address showing as this site is open to all


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    Thank you. I think I’ve hidden my email address now. Thanks for the link
  • Yes, it's gone! What you see being taken away are fecal sacs, waste produced by the chicks, to keep the nest more healthy!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Wow! Thank you. It’s fascinating to watch!
  • Hi Nikki, not this year but the last two years we had a wren nest in the Virginia Creeper on the gable end wall. I never knew it was there and had not seen much of the wren in the garden, but I could hear the teet, teet, teet at the window and I would often see her sitting on the fence opposite, when looking out the window, obviously annoyed at me! When I went out to look I could see the nest high up amongst the trellis and creeper. A tiny nest made of mostly moss. In the back end when tidying up the creeper and rhones I had a wee look in the nest, without disturbance it, in case they used it again, and almost had a heart attack and fell off the ladder,when a mouse ran out and along the trellis!! A nice cozy hidey hole! Hope you see the babies soon.

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    Wow! How lovely.
    I have managed to see the babies. If I can work out how to add photos I’ll post them on here.
    I’m really going to miss them when they leVe the nest, they have been fascinating to watch and so lovely to listen to.
  • Hi Nikki, firstly resize your pics to 2mb then select 'rich formatting' to bring up media box, click on 'insert' alter the parameters to 600 first box & delete figures in second then select your pic & post ... any probs then just shout!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

  • Well done Nikki

    enjoy watching, wonderful little birds,always so very busy, we have several nests around our garden , with hopefully several chicks, as Catlady says, teet teet teet teet, is lovely to hear, the nests here are in dense hedging so unfortunately cannot see or photograph,so have to wait,till they safely emerge.