Too close to nature.


    As stated previously. public nudity is not an offence, see link above which is the latest guide lines for the police to follow, not some antiquated version that others quote.

    If Peter wishes to take photos of naked men then he'd be advised to ask permission.
    At least he achieved his 5 mins of fame after informing the Sun newspaper.

    I wonder what the police actually told him when he went out of his way to report a guy for minding his own business.
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    Hey Duck, FYI I never sold anything to The Sun or any other publication, I was asked for my opinion by a fellow rspb member who happened to be an independent reporter. Who he passed the story to is his business. The photo in question was taken in such a way that the individual's identity or genitalia were not shown. I personally have no problem with nudity, if you want to get your tackle out do it in your garden not in a place where women and children are present. As for "getting a life", I have one and it doesn't involve scrolling through posts from months ago. Move on.
    As you were.
  • I never said you sold it. But you took the photo, Why? My name is not Duck either. by the way.
    We all have a naked body if you cant handle yours's that's your concern, no need to take photos of those that do not have your concerns.
    I have been walking this area for many years and the number of single females and children that I pass are few and far between, but that's irrelevant the guy you indiscriminately photographed was breaking no laws, as I guess you now know.
    What did the police tell you when you reported it? Pray tell.
    I only challenge your post all be it a little late granted, because no one else did, its easy to to ridicule without understanding.
    And once again no laws are being broken, as once again I suspect you now know.
  • Ah, you're the naturist? That explains a lot.

    I'll confess that if I'd come across you I'd probably have apologised for forgetting my microscope.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • No I'm not the naturist.
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    Dutch said:
    As stated previously. public nudity is not an offence, see link above which is the latest guide lines for the police to follow, not some antiquated version that others quote.

    Ok, so under certain circumstances, nudity in public isn’t illegal. Lots of things aren’t illegal, but does it make it acceptable behaviour because of the legality of it?

    Rudeness isn’t illegal, but no-one likes it. Finishing your first post, Dutch, with the statement ‘Get a life’ was, in my opinion, very rude. The initial post in this thread wasn’t rude, it only asked a few questions, and expressed an opinion.

    So, putting rudeness aside, you’ve answered the part about the legality of it. My concern would be regarding the ethical issues of being naked in a public area, even more especially since lockdown began and more people and families are turning to easily accessible outdoor areas such as nature reserves. As was stated in the original post, there is the strong possibility here of a naked, late middle aged man encountering lone women, or families with young children. I would suggest to you that it should be the responsibility of the parents of these children to decide when and how their children are introduced to the facts about differences between male and female, adult and child. The children shouldn’t have to see it for themselves, and most certainly not in the form of a male, naked adult stranger, then be asking questions regarding things that they’re not able to process at such an age. This has the potential to be very disturbing for children.

    I would personally consider this as a forced loss of innocence for some young children. You could just as easily whisper to them the fact of Santa’s true identity, it’s not illegal after all, you wouldn’t be breaking any laws, but it doesn’t make it right or acceptable. I would have thought that a responsible adult would have considered these issues before acting without regard for anything other than thinking that it’s not illegal, so it’s ok.

    In my opinion, it’s not ok. I would suggest, and once again, it’s only my opinion, the gentleman could have a re-think regarding responsible decision making, and perhaps consider respecting the feelings and opinions of others, especially considering the real possibility of encountering women and children who could be very upset and traumatised by any such meeting.  No-one is forcing him onto a naturist reserve, but surely there are other far more secluded places he could walk naked with zero chances of encountering children.

    Theoretically, I fear that one day he could meet a family with young children who have very strong feelings on these matters, and I suspect that then laws could be broken, with sad consequences for his personal wellbeing. Just my opinion, which won’t be changed, so I’ve no inclination to comment any further.

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  • Well, you're reacting very strongly to this thread.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • If something. Is legal then it is allowed.
    Because you do not agree with it doesn't mean it's wrong.
    I may have been rude ending my post as I did but no more rude that the OP for posting pictures of a complete stranger without permission and then submitting them to a national news paper thinking it news worthy. Here it will be seen by even more people, women and children included. Had it been a naked woman walking on the common, would the OP have taken a photo and then published it nationally? I doubt it.
    Women and children are always used as an arguement yet, children when little run around without a care in the world, it is only their parents that force.cloths upon them. As for women, well we all have a body and were born naked. It is the Victorian prudish attitude that forces clothes upon us. Europeans have a much more liberated attitude to naturism, Germany allows it in public parks for example and the Scandinavians cater even more for the life style.
    As for upsetting the education of children, I couldn't disagree more. Once again the prudes among us cause young girls to have body issues, young lads to snigger at adult magazines and the you show me yours I'll show you mine culture. You wont find this in a naturist or more liberal family setting.
    Walking on a nature reserve. What better be at one with nature?
    As for meeting with threatening behaviour or worse, again the naturist would be in the right and the abuser facing arrest.
    Your opinion, of which you seem to have many wont be changed. Again an antiquated way to discuss a matter.
    Live and let live.
  • Can I just point you all towards the following RSPB guidelines. There is nothing illegal about being naked in the UK countryside, and as such you should have been informed about this by the police.