Feeding Parakeets but not Squirrels

Hi All, 

I have a popular feeding station which has become a bit too popular with squirrels. I have resisted using the caged feeders as I enjoy watching ring necked parakeets using our feeders but have now switched to caged sunflower hearts & peanut feeders much to the parakeets dismay.  

I would still like to attract parakeets to the garden - Is there a specific type of feeder / positioning / foods that will allow parakeets to use them but not squirrels? 


  • Hi dxp,     with not having ring necked parakeets in our area of Cheshire I don't know if they would be likely to use a ground feeder, but if so,  this type of cage is always very successful at keeping all squirrels out (except baby squirrels who can squeeze through the mesh like mice ! )  These cages come with tent type pegs to secure the cage on the ground and the pitched roof cage like THIS ONE has a slider bar so you can adjust the mesh size.     You can opt to feed the smaller garden birds on the narrowest gauge or open it wider and allow blackbirds in,  however only the narrowest setting will keep squirrels out.   

    To keep seed/suet/nuts dry............. I used a piece of butyl rubber pond liner to drape over the pitched roof.    


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • If you use a pole type feeding station I've found this conical baffle very effective for stopping squirrels climbing up. You've got to get the cone high enough so that the squirrels can't jump over it. And of course the pole must be positioned far enough away from a tree or fence so they can't leap across.



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