Help Baby Jays

I could really do with some advice please.

I have 2 baby Jays in the garden. I found one flapping about yesterday in the dirt and put him in a tree to keep him off the ground overnight.  He can't fly at all. Today he has moved to a small bush over a pond and he fell in. So he was cold. He has been joined by a secong young Jay. This one is bigger and can fly 5 feet or so. 

The mum is feeding the younger of the two, but not the larger one, so perhaps it is only parent to one of them. 

So I have one cold wet Jay that is too small to fly who I feel will be eaten by foxes if he stays where he is. He was very cold and not moving much. The second on can fly a little but has not eaten all day and just nuzzles up to the small one for warmth I suppose, but not been fed at all. It doesnt even attempt to get food from the viviting mum.

I know they should ideally not be moved, but I have some experience with birds, albeit doves. I am just not sure if they would survive the night, due to foxes, falling in th epond again or through not eating.

My thoughts are to wait until dusk, put them in a box in a quiet warmer place and then put them out again in the morning. I have hand fed doves and pigeons, but could do with some advice with people that may have a little more experience here.


  • If fledglings are being attended to by the parent bird/s then you should never pick a fledgling bird up, take it from the garden and put it in a box to protect it overnight despite worrying about its safety and being well intentioned. Parent birds will do their best to protect their chicks and if you take them away, even overnight, they may then abandon the chicks thinking they have been predated. The parent birds may not return the next morning to continue to feed them (even though you think they are only feeding one, it makes no difference). My advice is let nature takes its course.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • In reply to HAZY:

    Thank you Hazel.

    I will take your advice.

    Fingers crossed.