Advice on Shield Bug Eggs/Larvae

Hi, everyone!

First time on here, so I don't know if this is the usual kind of thing people ask, but...

On the 27th May (2020) a green shield bug laid about 28 tiny green eggs on the wall in our house. 

Now, no other bug gets me excited like a shield bug. I was ecstatic to get to watch this little thing lay it's eggs here, and for the opportunity to watch them develop.

But, of course, here comes the problem - I may have convinced my dad to leave them be so I can 'monitor' (watch and take daily photos) them, but eventually they're going to hatch and there are going to potentially be 28 little shield bug larvae with no access to food.


My question is: Does anyone have any advice on safely moving insect/shield bug larvae?


I'd hate to try and move them and hurt them, especially if there's a special, safer way to do it.

(Believe me, I'd love to keep them in here and watch them grow and change but I've never even kept caterpillars so I wouldn't even know where to start!)

Thanks in advance!