Swift advice please

Hi, I need some advice please. I have had returning Swifts to nest in my house for a good number of years now. However, it seems I have, I think , 2 juveniles attempting to gain a new access.

Unfortunately on Sunday, they somehow managed to collide knocking one down into my cat infested garden. After a little rest, he took off again. I witnessed the same thing happen again on Monday, this time thankfully, managed to recover its wigs without hitting the ground.

Do you think I should look to having a box installed for them or is it too late - dilemma! 

  • Well done on getting it airborn again. When you said they're crashing, is a nest holder crashing into another bird trying to gain access? Do you still have a nesting pair?

    Re nestbox, definitely a good idea. It'll be too late for breeding this year, but at least they'll know it's an option for next year. Big n.b. If you have house sparrows in the area, make sure you keep the entrance hole blocked until first week of May. Even then, they may take over the box.
  • Hi Robbo
    Thank you for your response
    Yes I still have a nesting pair. These other 2, have visited the other end of the house, they actually grip onto the brick, which I’ve never seen them do before. It is when they took off they seemed to be too close? and knocked wings.
    I was concerned last year as sparrows took over the original nest, however the Swifts were quite late in their return. Either the sparrows had fledged or the Swifts reclaimed the nest ? Happy days, as we had a sky full. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case this year.
  • Can anyone please recommend the type to buy and the fixing being the distance from the eaves etc .
    Thank you
  • Sounds like the swifts got lucky both last year and this re sparrows. They weren't so lucky here and the numbers are so low now, not expecting them back any time. Having said that, interesting your numbers are down this year. My perception is this year, after a slow start for martins, both they and swifts are more numerous than last couple of years. Martins by quite a big margin. Swifts got down to very low numbers last year. I only saw a group of three regularly til July. This year, it's at least double that. Too many roof repairs going on in the village. A couple are being done now. Very much doubt any check for swifts have taken place.
  • It’s such a shame, I’m unsure if it’s just that people don’t really care, or just don’t realise ?
    Thank you for your time taken to respond. Let’s hope more new builds in the future will include nesting bricks or blocks and support the wildlife.
  • Agreed. The UK planning process could be improved so much with a whole range of 'green' measures. Yes, it would cost a bit more, but how much more is a swift brick in terms of % of the house price?!?! Same with green energy measures etc.
  • And how lovely would the sky be