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  • Hi. I'm very new to this site and I have joined for a reason. I have been making phone calls all afternoon but have not gotten much  help. I have a very young baby seagull, I know they aren't the most popular birds but it is in need and so I'm trying. It is about 2 days old and fell off my neighbours roof this morning, it was very disgruntled but otherwise ok. I got a ladder and put it onto the flat roof of the upstairs bay of the house where the nest is and the parents came down and fed it and all seemed like a happy ending until my husband saw it plummet from the roof whilst getting in the way as one of its parents was taking off and knocked it over the edge. I think it may have hurt itself but it may just be bruised a little and I intend to see if a vet will see it tomorrow if it is still alive. I don't know how peaceful or restful they usually are or if it is unwell because it is very quiet. My problem is that I have no idea how to feed and water it until then,  how often and what to give it. An emergency vet did tell me it could give it mince and milk which I have. Any advice would be so very appreciated. I know all about leaving them where they are but it was not safe there.
  • I am surprised and disappointed at a vet for giving that suggestion. As with all cases involving chicks falling out of nests (or equivalent), the advice is the tried and tested, 'return it to its parents'. No nest site is 100% safe. With apparently both parents around, it is clear cut what needs doing. Getting large gulls (I am guessing this is a herring gull) familiar and comfortable with humans will only end in bad news for the gulls. Obviously, if it is clearly injured it is the a dilemma where the alternative is being put down.

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    Hi. Thank you for tiur reply.
    If it is still alive in the morning and seeming to be ok should I try again to return it to the safest place near its parents even though it clearly is not going to stay up out of harms way? Obviously if it is in fact ckearly injured then I will take it to the vet as discussed in my original post. So you know how active a tiny gull should be, this one seems to be very sleepy but I don't know, perhaps that is normal
  • Is it an only chick? Sleepy could be a sign of stress I guess. 

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    No there are 3
  • Sorry no one else responded.

    I am wondering whether the youngster got rejected. Many species do thin out their own young, or the young siblings do the job themselves. How did it go this morning?
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    Thank you so much for asking.
    It is still alive and eating well. It's wing which seemed to be damaged is moving a little more freely so I am hopeful that it was maybe bruised and will be fine. His leg is a worry. People have told me if I take it to a vet they will put it to sleep. I managed to get hold of a local wildlife rescue place and she was going to come out to assessit yesterday but couldn't make it for all the other wildlife tirning up there so said she wouldcome today but nothing yet. I offered to take it to her but she declined. I am happy to look after it and rear it to release but I wanted to know if its leg needed attention. It vexesme a bit to think that it might need so.ething and I mightbe neglecting it or if it is in pain. Ho hum I will keep at it. Thank you so much again for showing interest.