Advice requested for planting under bird box


I wondered if anyone could advise me on the best shrubs and plants to put under a bird tit box,  

It is the first year that they've used it and it has unfortunately coincided with our getting two new young cats,  were doing our best to keep them away as the chicks will be fledging soon but one fell out earlier and we've now had to lock the cats in. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

Regards Teresa 

  • The only suggestion I can think of, based on the circumstances described, is plants that can't be climbed up and can act as a barrier or obstruction. I would also suggest some sort of weed suppressant so good Spring weather doesn't mean a choice between nest disurbance or untidy patch under the box. Depends how high the box is, and whether on a tree or against a house.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thank you the box is on a fence post about 4 feet up so we've had to leave the bed wild at the moment, we've got a camellia and some hydrangeas but they're only a few years old so not huge, and the peonies are also only a year old, I didn't know if a honeysuckle would help keep the cats away?
  • Thanks for the extra info. I am suspecting it's too low down. Certainly is lower than is recommended. Fence posts run the risk of getting too hot as well esp if it's not north facing. Obviously, good that you're keeping the kittens away, and that it sounds like there's a good chance of the youngsters fledging. As it's on a fence, I think you're on the right lines re climbers. Anything that can hide the box and fence, and that can't be climbed by mammals is a good thing.