Advice please - Shall we remove our bird box?

Hi everyone, 

Last year we had House Sparrows in our loft and the nest broke so they got stuck in a cavity wall and unfortunately died. After that we decided to put up a bird box near our soffits to encourage them to nest in the box. This year we were lucky enough to have blue tits nest in the box and the parents have been feeding the little one for probably a couple of weeks now;  it sounded quite big. This morning we noticed it had fledged and was sitting in the middle of our driveway. There are walls on both sides and no vegetation around leaving it quite exposed. We placed an additional board against the wall and plants in around to give it cover from predators and the bright sun, but otherwise left it alone.

Unfortunately our area has many cats and our neighbours have a kitten and sadly it was discovered despite our best efforts to shoo it away. We even placed an old fire guard across our back alley. The fledgling did look quite young and had no feathers on its head and could barely open it's eyes. I wonder if it was too young? 

On reflection, where the box is placed has no cover underneath for the fledgling to hide in.  We have hedges but they are on top of a small wall. I thought any fledgling would be old enough to fly into the hedge but this one could barely open its eyes.  

I am now wondering if I should remove the box because it's encouraging birds to nest in a bad place or keep it in because it's better they nest in the box than in our hedges where they will certainly get eaten by the local cat population. Any advice please?


  • Difficult one to give a correct answer to. Personally, I don't think other peoples' pets should dictate what actions are taken. For what it's worth, most garden bird nests fail around here, in a large part due to predation, incl by cats. There are only birds breeding in gardens here still due to overflow of birds who have successfully bred in nearby woods and farmland. That may be the case where you are too, in which case it's as you said re hedge nests being unsuccessful too, so doesn't matter where they nest. In which case, the nestbox might be worth keeping as at least it's safer at the egg and young chick stage than a hedge nest.
  • Thanks for your reply Robbo :-). I think you're right they will survive longer in the box than in a nest in the hedge. At least these got to the fledgling stage, they don't usually get that fair :-(. I am hoping we were just unlucky with this first set because I think the fledgling was too young. Hopefully an older one might stand a better chance.