Fledging out of nest

The parents have been feeding the baby since its been out of the nest, it started to wonder. So I made it a nest and fell asleep instantly. The parents still came to feed it. However since the people who came to cut grass, chop tress, blow the leaves away, they've not come back. Anything I should do? 

  • You don't say what kind of bird? Best just to keep watch from afar to see if parents come back after the disruption you witnessed!


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  • I think I am misreading this. From what I am understanding, you had an unnamed species nest in or near your garden. A youngster fledged and was being fed by its parents. You then made something and picked up the bird and put it in it. The parents continued to feed it. You then got some heavy duty, power tool gardening done by contractors, including taking out branches of trees in May. The parents have stopped visiting the youngster that is still in the construction you made, and you haven't seen them in the newly pruned garden. You are now asking if there is anything you can do?

    Please can you confirm I am misunderstanding, and could you clarify please?