Saying Hi plus I need an ID if anyone can help

Hi, I’m Sharon I’m not totally new on here but it’s been a few years. I live on the outskirts of Northampton near to Harlestone firs. I struggle with Arthritis and foot and back problems but have started walking as much as I can. I’ve always been interested in birds and am a long time member of the RSPB. A few months ago I found a way to get to the heathland over the back of the industrial estate down the road. There was a disused bridge that was in need of repair, evidently it had been blocked off for 2 years. A great coincidence was that 2 weeks after I first saw it the bridge was repaired which made life a lot easier for me. I have lived here for 30+ years and had never realised the extent of the heathland the other side of the brook. My walking is getting better and I can now walk to the small wildlife trust nature reserve which is through the firs.
I love trying to get decent photos of birds but I’m not very quick and there are more fails than enough. Yesterday I spent some time up on the heath but only managed to get one decent photo. I am having trouble identifying it. To me it looks like photographs I have seen of a lesser white throat but I am probably way off the mark, please can anyone help? I hope to find time to spend on here more often. 

  • I'm sorry but the photo is small and doesn't allow a zoom, so I don't know if anyone will be able to see enough to help - I can't. If it helps then it's best to reduce resolution before posting to keep the size down to <4MB but not to reduce the actual size.
    In the meantime, enjoy your new explorations, the birds and photographing them.


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  • Hi Sharon, glad you are able to get out and about and enjoy your newly found heath.
    I'm afraid I can't identify your bird either as the pic is too small.



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  • Viewing on tablet where it's possible to expand the pic, even though a bit fuzzy, wonder if it's a Whitethroat?


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  • It does look a lot like a Lesser Whitethroat

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  • Not into the finer detail Richard, have only just learned to ID Common Whitethroat! Lol


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  • Hello Sharon and welcome to the community from up in Caithenss, at the very top of Scotland. Glad that you have found yourself a new hobby and that is getting you out and about and also helping with the arthritis. Like the others I can't say what bird it is, sorry. Hope you enjoy here and look forward to future posts.

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  • To my eye, the bird looks like a Spotted Flycatcher. Maybe you'll get other opinions now that Wendy has expanded the photo.
    For reference, if anyone is on a PC. Open the photo and press Ctrl + a few times and the picture should expand for a better look. Ctrl 0 (zero) will take you back to the original size. :-)

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  • I think a better photo is needed to confirm I.d.
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    Hi Nigel, I’m not very good at even taking a photo when they stop moving. I shoot on auto and well zoomed and tend to jar the camera when I press the button. I’m not sure how to reduce the resolution but will try it zoomed on my iPad as it’s a lot clearer to me, it probably will make it worse. I just tried and it won’t let me upload the zoomed photo.
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    Thanks anyway Tony