Saying Hi plus I need an ID if anyone can help

  • Thanks anyway everyone, thanks for trying to post a better pic Wendy, I wish everyone could see what I can see on my iPad it is a lot clearer than on my post although still a bit blurry . Thanks for the welcome Catlady. I think I need to spend some more time up there, that was the first chance I had to get a shot of anything. I only have a Sony bridge camera and am not a very good photographer. That was the best one out of 3. I need to learn how to do things on here as well. I guess to add a photo in the comments I have to click on the ‘use rich formatting’ which is what I tried but it said it was too big.
  • With the photo on the bridge camera, are you able to trim the photo down to just the bird? Then, convert it to a different format? On mine you can pick an option to send via email so it is compressed.
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    No I don’t think so Robbo, I’m not very tech minded either which doesn’t help. I’ll send it by messenger to my sister in Anglesey and see whether she can I.D it as the quality may be better.
  • Ok. Please let us know what she reckons.
  •  Let’s see if this works, I’ve downloaded an image sizer to my iPad here goes

  • Thanks. Well done.. Common whitethroat.
  • Good to see the decent pic Shar ... I won't crow! Lol


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    WendyBartter said:
    I won't crow!

    No pun intended I take it.   Well done Wendy, you can give yourself a pat on the back.



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  •  Thanks Robbo and of course Wendy in the first place, I’ve been back up today and saw a few birds but I think I only got one identifiable photo. Yes I have, is this the Whitethroat too?

  • Is not the shape & colour I would expect to see Shar, just not expert enough to say what it is ... but the others will know I'm sure!


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