Hi am new to this site been interested in birds since I was a kid I live in Aberdeenshire I love getting out with binoculars and seeing all the different species of birds I can, I Would love to see goshawk in wild I know they are pretty rare in Scotlsnd and wondering if anyone had any ideas on where I may be able to view them ? 


  • Because of raptor persecution, it is unlikely anyone will tell you where to see them.

    Both goshawk, and kingfisher which you asked about on a different thread, are Schedule 1 protected species.

    To view them, your best bet is to visit viewpoint in early Spring for goshawk, and late Summer is the best time for kingfishers when lots of young are about.
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    Thanks for tip what / where is viewpoint ?
  • Your best bet for that is to search the internet next Winter. There is a permanent viewpoint near me. There may be a permanent one in Scotland. I don't know. Something you'll have to search for. There can also be temporary ones set up for rare birds. That's why I suggest you wait til the end of the year.