Photographing of nest box


I have blue tits nesting in a bird box in the garden. When it was windy today a neighbour straightened the next box up as it had blown sideways.

He took a photo (with flash) using his phone through the hole on the front of the bird box to show his little daughter.

Would this have distressed the birds (there was an adult and a brood of hatchlings in there)?

Im concerned he may have caused issues and Im worried that the bird may abandon the nest.

  • Presume you told him it's an offence to disturb nesting birds? Hopefully they may think it was a lightning strike!
    You'll have to keep watch to see if normal feeding continues for your peace of mind but there's nothing you can do if the nest fails through desertion!


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  • I'd say Wendy has the right of it - straighten the box by all means, but avoiding direct disturbance with flash photography would be best. I suspect it's likely to be fine as a one-off, it's when the faithful father starts taking pics twice a day to satisfy his curious daughter that the trouble will start


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