Neighbour catapulting stones at birds in my garden


I'm new here, but looking for a bit of advice.

I have a pair of nutcase neighbours next door, so much so that I don't speak to them or engage with them in any shape or form, nor does the neighbour on the other side of them. There's no point. 

For about a year now Mr Nutcase has been launching stones at birds in my back garden, on my roof and at my bird feeders using a catapult. I have a large collection of stones from his garden, as well as cctv footage as proof. (Had to get the cctv due to these neighbours). 

There are lots of birds nesting in the hedges, bushes and trees in my and all the surrounding gardens. I also have Jays, Woodpeckers, doves as well as the regular garden birds enjoying the feast and bird baths. 

Short of cutting his hands off or wrapping him in duct tape I'm unsure how best to get him to stop. 

Is he committing any offence, or is his behaviour deemed acceptable? No doubt his excuse will be he doesn't want pigeons or gulls on his roof or in his garden. With the warmer weather and the current covid situation it's bound to get worse.

Any advice?

Many thanks in anticipation


  • Contact your local police station & ask to speak to, or for a message to be passed to, Wildlife Officer & tell them what you have told us!


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  • It's a Police call I'm afraid - it's not just attacking birds, he's firing projectiles at your property. I wouldn't necessarily ask for the Wildlife Officer, I'd report it initially as anti-social behaviour, malicious damage or similar since that may get a swifter response. At the end of the day, if it isn't reported, it didn't happen - so encourage the other neighbour to report such misdemeanours too (the more records of them being trouble, the better)


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  • As the others have said, definitely a police call.

    Keep the CCTV evidence, because if any substantial damage to your property occurs, your insurers would also be interested.


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  • Many thanks for your replies. Our local police are well aware of this couple, and their family, and have been taking the softly softly approach with them. There is an officer we've been dealing with, so will drop her an email, but in the current climate, I'm not expecting them to do much. Suppose I can but hope that an elephant bird with diarrhoea poops on his head!
  • Lol, that'd be quite an amusing incident to capture on your CCTV! Hope you get more help soon!


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  • Could you report it to the RSPB & see if they can complain on your behalf, they may be able to take it further.

    Best wishes

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  • Good luck, Annie, and please let us know of any further developments.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • In reply to AnnieMac:

    Firing projectiles into your garden is pretty serious - they could injure you, or break a window. Please keep contacting the police about this.
  • Cut them no slack, keep the pressure on for all of the above reasons. You were right to ask the question. Good luck.

  • Hi I’m not sure how to start a thread as I signed up to ask this question. Sorry for posting on your thread!

    My neighbour has a pellet gun and shoots starlings and now sparrows in his front garden with it. I’m not sure if he kills them but it’s very close range as the bush is right outside his window. I see him and his wife pop outside at times so I think they may be picking up dead birds. He has cat scarers too and I think he has shot at a cat in my garden in the summer but the cat was ok and oblivious as he missed.

    It’s even stranger because his wife feeds the birds with feeders and their garden is full of wildlife as they have so many bushes.

    They are unapproachable so a chat won’t work.

    What can I do about it? Is it illegal to shoot pellet guns into front gardens? To kill or injure starlings or sparrows? Will the police help or the rspb?