Crazy bird call

Hi I was by a river today and heard a bird call lots of varied calls but it was definitely the same bird. Couldn’t spot it. It was bizarre! It repeated one call twice then did a different one straight after, then another and another all completely different. Any idea what it could be please? 

  • Very hard to say, any chance you can get a recording?


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  • As Wendy says, very hard to say without a recording but wild guess would be ….    something like a Song Thrush who have repeat phrases -   did it sound anything like THIS  (you will find an audio recording on the page)     Or look at other members of the Thrush family like Blackbird. 


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Yes very similar thank you so much! I went back to record it but it had stopped. I knew it wasn’t a blackbird but didn’t know it could be a thrush. Thanks for that it was really bugging me!
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    Thanks Wendy but it had stopped when I went back!