Bird Identification

 Can anybody identify this bird, I think it’s a pigeon but isn’t like the normal grey coloured ones we normally have around here, also it has been sat on my balcony for 4/5 days and won’t leave, it doesn’t have any bracelets on its feet either.

  • Feral doves or pigeons come in lots of colour variations including white, so if it hasn't got rings on then I wouldn't be too concerned about it being lost - it is likely just a feral one.


    Nige   Flickr

  • As Nigel says it is a feral bird they are often like Joseph's multi coloured coat.
    It may be a homing bird that is lost


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • I think this is probably a dove with a white coat. However it does not have any ring or awareness at all. We can be sure that it is not owned by anyone. It must be part of nature. It would be great if you could give it some food. Thank you for listening