Nesting kingfishers


Being lucky enough to live near a small natural stream, there are many bird species present to observe, but how rare is a pair of nesting kingfishers, seen now for three consecutive years?

There is much erosion on the river banking and wonder if there are ways to get protection or preservation on the area? 

Any advice appreciated, thank you.


  • Okay, so kingfishers are down to less than 300 in the country and on the Amber list for endangered species.
    Is there any where, anyone, that can advise on eroding habitat of a nesting pair.
    Since last I wrote, goodness knows how many gallons have gushed against the nesting wall of the river, about a further meter of banking now washed away.
    These poor birds are in danger and I don’t know how it can prevented.
  • Fifi, the members of the community are incredibly helpful but are not (as far as I know) actively engaged with RSPB in a professional capacity. I would guess that the reason you haven't had a reply to your original post is because the question is beyond the knowledge and experience of this forum. My only suggestion is that you contact RSPB directly (there is a contact us section on their website) who may be able to offer advice. Failing that, your local authority may have people who could point you in the correct direction. Sorry I can't be of any real practical help. Ian

  • Been googling re your concerns Fifi & getting in touch with Environment Agency might be somewhere to start!


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  • In reply to Fifidee:

    To ease your fears slightly Fifi, there are 3800-6400 breeding pairs (according to RSPB website), but you are correct with them being on the Amber list. As others have said, contact the RSPB direct, or maybe your local council may be able to help