Bird scarers and nesting birds


I have been feeding my garden birds for all the 35 years I have lived in my house but a new neighbour has complained about it to the council. He works for a pest control company and has access to all the equipment needed to deter wildlife. I have a suspicion he plans to fit a bird scarer onto his house.

The next door neighbour on the opposite side has a large tree which robins have nested in for the last few years. As robins can start nesting early in the year, can I warn my complaining neighbour and quote the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which protects disturbance of nesting birds? 

This new neighbour, I would add, complains about the bird droppings on his fence but has a garden full of household rubbish and dog poo, which he leaves to fester. I have pointed this out, with photos, to the council. They say he can't legally stop me from feeding the birds and I will try to minimise pigeon numbers, which have increased, but he still won't be happy. He kills animals for a living and for sport at weekends and places poison in his empty garage to kill mice and rats. Not a bird or animal lover, then! 

Any advice or suggestions welcome. Thank you.