Wildlife in Bridlington

Hello nature lovers

I came to this chat to ask if anybody would be kind enough to inform me about the natural wildlife, both common and rarer, that can be found in Bridlington, Yorkshire. I'm a student at the University of Hull and I need this information for my upcoming assignment that is centred around Bridlington, but through trying to research only results relating to the Nature Park there comes up!

Thankyou in advance, Jabber

  • Hi Jabber welcome to the community
    Are you limiting yourself to just Bridlington? what sort of radius do you have if any?
    I've asked Kevin who goes to Bempton Cliffs to see if he can help you

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  • There is a Facebook group www.facebook.com/.../ you could join and ask there. Presumably someone on there will have some insight into Bridlington




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  • Try following the Scarborough bird group pages their area adjoins Brid.


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  • Have you tried talking to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust who have reserves/centres in the area (Flamborough and Filey)?


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  • Hi Jabber, the area around Bridlington is probably more productive particularly the Flamborough Headland. I have provided below some links that you may find useful:
    Flamborough Bird Observatory - www.fbo.org.uk
    Filey Bird Observatory Group - www.fbog.co.uk
    Scarborough Birders - www.scarboroughbirding.co.uk
    Bempton Birder - www.rugbybirder.blogspot.com
    RSPB Bempton Cliffs and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Living Seas Centre are great points of contact.
    I hope this helps, Jabber, and I wish you well in your studies.
    Regards, Kevin
  • Hi Alan, Bob, Seaman, Nigel and Kevin
    Thankyou all so much for your help, the recommendations and links you've all shared have helped greatly for my research, thankyou for taking the time to help me. And great photos for those who attached their Flickrs as well, also very helpful!
    - Jabber