What is this bird please.

Hello, can someone identify his bird please? i saw it sitting at the top of our grain barn doors. 


  • Hi Julie. It's a Kestrel and a female by the look of it.
    A good bird to have around as it will help to keep the rodent population under control



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  • Hi Julie
    It's a Kestrel probably looking for Mice and Rats, I hope you don't use Rat poison around the Barn.

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  • Thanks Tony, that’s fab. Do you happen to know if it hunts during the day or night? We certainly could do with keeping a lid on the rodent population near us!
  • In reply to Alan.:

    No rat poison here, but I’d be glad of a natural way to keep the numbers down, and it looks like this bird could do just that.
  • It hunts during the day Julie, good to hear you don't use poison, she will do the job for you.
    You will see her hovering when she hunts, you may even see her on top of a pole eating her prey.

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  • This is a male and show what it will do to your Rat population if she hangs around