Hi I thought I'd share some of my pictures from my kitchen window sill over this year. All taken on my mobile phone, I've been just feeding with sunflower seeds and peanuts. I just wondered if during the winter I should start feeding them something

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     Hello Carrie, you have some fabulous birds.  I have some photographs of my garden visitors over the last week.  I had this frame which I thought would be good for the climbing plants but the collard doves absolutely love it.   Action shot!  The starlings (I think that's what they are) are new today, they have been in previous years.

  • Hi Carrie, looks like you have a nice place to get some picture of the wildlife and its not often you see a Hummingbird hawk moth saw one myself this year and it was my first so hope to see more next year.


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  • Can you spot the chaffinch, goldfinch, nuthatch and coal tit?

    This morning we have had a robin, blue, great, and coal tits, collared doves, starlings (I think) chaffinches, goldfinches, a dunnock, a big black bird which I don't know what it is (trying to get a photograph to ask the experts on here), a nuthatch, chaffinches and a squirrel.

    And a pair of sparrows darting about the front garden.

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    Brilliant photos Carrieco, and I particularly like the last one, that tongue is so clear.


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