IT Funny Goings On!

Today I keep getting "Sucessfully Reconnected" popping up top right on screen, Below the sign in bar. Also when going back to the home page, since the logo has dissapeared, the quickest way I found was to scroll down to bottom of page and hit Online Community. Today I keep getting an HTTP error 503, service not available.

Anyone else noticed these?

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  • Hi Ct

    Yep have had the "Sucessfully Reconnected" last couple of days, and also had to re sign in for no good reason, as I never sign out Doh!!!
    I have Community bookmarked so if need to go back I just click that


  • I, too, have been getting 'Successfully reconnected' every 20 or 30 seconds yesterday evening and again this evening. Very annoying. Wonder what dire things are going on inside my computer that I cannot see!

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  • I have noticed the shop is out of action


  • My bookmark gives me the Http error 503. It's no great surprise anymore though is it?




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  • I was getting the successfully reconnected notification yesterday, but not seen it this morning
  • Had to re sign in this morning

    Not seen the "Successful notification yet!!!

    Bookmark ...No error connected straight away.

    EDIT 06.30

    Just been signed out again after being told need to join Loch Garten Doh!

    and received Http error 503  Grr!!!


  • Looks like the Online Community link at the bottom of the page goes to the URL rather than the proper one. Someone's been doing some fiddling that's now preventing that URL re-directing properly would be my guess.
    I keep getting the "Reconnected" message too, something's unhappy on the server!


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  • Yes, happening here too - constantly ! If only they would concentrate on tweaking the default dimension settings for uploading photos to 650 x  Blank  !!


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  • There are a lot of "If onlys" on the forum Hazy! LOL

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • In reply to Noisette:

    Hazel C said:
    There are a lot of "If onlys" on the forum Hazy! LOL

    "If only"   I had more patience to keep waiting for these necessary and important fixes and have the stamina to navigate to posts and enjoy once again putting up a thread but it's all proving too frustrating now that a year has passed since the "upgrade"  "downgrade"  and the amount of regular posting and posters have dropped significantly which is such a pity as I enjoyed their contributions very much and the fact the forum was bouncing with input back then despite it still not being perfect in operational mode.    I don't blame those regulars on the forum who have either dropped off or been a lot less active.   Wonder why it is so difficult to get these (what feel like simple fixes) actioned.     I know we are lucky to have a community on here and am grateful we have this facility but it could be so much better with not a lot of effort needed methinks to change the basic defaults and errors that people have found constantly trying to use this platform.  

    By the way, what happened to the "working party"  with input from selected forum members ?   I was busy selling our house at the time so didn't keep up to date with anything that came of it ?    


    Regards, Hazel 

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