Curved pipe birdbox entrance

Hi, is it ok to have a curved entrance to a nest box?

This is the side view of one under construction, the curved grey pipe to the right is the entrance. 

Just curious if it will work or if chicks would have trouble leaving

  • I wouldn't have thought the birds would be too keen on a bend. When looking for a home, they stick their heads inside and take a look around - they'd need to be a bit more determined with your box. Who knows though, only way to be sure would be to try it I guess!


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  • Due to my initial concerns and with thanks to your response, Whistling Joe, I've amended the design to allow birds to have a look around inside.
    Kind regards
  • Hi Jol
    What you also have to consider with having a bend in the entrance like that is will the birds be able to get a foothold in the pipe to climb out or will they just slip and get stuck in the box.

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  • That's a great point, I'll add something grippy to inside base of the pipe in the amended design (which has the curve now removed)
    Thanks for your response
  • If you have removed the curve and it is now a straight normal type entrance you should be OK.

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