Hello everyone!

I love seeing all the birds feeding in our rural garden but we have an issue with pheasants. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deter them from flying onto the feeders? One broke one today when it knocked it off the hook

  • Hiya Ally welcome to the community from Sheffield.
    Have you tried putting a tray of food on the ground for them?
    Though that may end up attracting even more than you get now.

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  • Hello Ally, welcome from Caithness, up at the very top of the north of Scotland. We are also in the country and at present have mama, papa and 3 babies coming to feed. Last year at one point we had 12! I feed them mixed grain, 20kg for around £8. I have never seen them on the feeders, but just the other day hubby saw one sitting on the t-frame on which the feeders hang. Just have a place or an area where you can scatter corn for them. Once they come I don't think you will deter them unless you stop feeding altogether. Hope you enjoy being here and keep enjoying you feather friends.

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  • Perhaps a squirrel-proof type feeder might also deter them if there aren't obvious perches that will get them to the food.


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