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Hi I wondered where I could go to meet with local RSPB staff/volunteers. My colleague and I are wildlife officers for the police and would like to meet with someone to introduce ourselves. We are at Southport so our RSPB site is Marshside. Many thanks, Vicky 

  • Hi Vicky welcome to the community from Sheffield.
    There are contact details here for Marshide no doubt they would be pleased to meet you both
    There is also a local RSPB group
    Well done on being Wildlife Officers.

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  • I would have thought the local police would have contact numbers for local RSPB officials,they certainly have in our area. Good luck and well done with your task.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Northern England has 3 regional RSPB regional offices in total and the nearest RSPB regional office as found on the RSPB website where all RSPB regional office addresses and telephone numbers can be found along with the RSPB’s national Headquarters address and telephone number can be found as well. Here is the address of what I think is the nearest RSPB regional office to Southport. And this is the address and telephone number as below. Office can be contacted Monday-Friday.
    Lancaster House,
    7.3.1 Cameron House,
    White Cross Estate,
    LA1 4XF
    Telephone Number: 03007772676
    It’s the same telephone number for all the 3 Northern England regional offices. But they should put you through to the RSPB regional office at Lancaster House if you ask, as I don’t know what RSPB office of the 3 RSPB offices in Northern England will answer from that phone number. That telephone number charges at the same rate as anyone’s private landline number.