Where to see a Hawfinch

Hello all,

Does anyone by chance, know where I can go to see a Hawfinch in or around Greater London area. Or if one has been seen recently.  

Any info would be much appreciated as this bird is one I am yet to see. 


  • Hi Dan,    Probably a bit early for any sightings of them at the moment and as you are aware, they are probably one of the rarest and hardest birds to find and you would probably have to visit one of the usually known areas for them outside of Greater London to stand a chance at seeing one and may have to keep a check on bird alert apps for sightings.   Being in the North West, I am not familiar with southern areas in which to possibly find them.        I think late Autumn/Winter months leading up towards March are the best times and an area with trees such as Hornbeam, Beech or Yew which provide their favourite choice of seeds for these very shy and secretive finches who will often perch very high up in these trees;   having said that they will pick seeds up off the ground.              I was lucky enough to see a couple at Sizergh Castle in Cumbria three years ago, albeit at distance so as not to disturb these shy birds.  I've also seen them around Cheshire at Marbury country park and Brereton but these were chance sightings (when I saw them mentioned on Birdguides)  and not their normal locations.        There have been other times when these finches have flown overhead (at Leighton Moss rspb)  and some knowledgeable birder has pointed them out to me,  basically luck of the draw unless you go to a specific known area for them.      A few links HERE,   HERE  and HERE     Good luck Dan,  keep an eye on the rare bird alerts (although to get any detailed info you would have to subscribe).   Sorry I can't be of more help.    


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Hi Dan as Hazel said above to date I don't think there have been any confirmed sightings, still a little early. Agin as Hazel said the best is to join/subscribe to a bird ID/sightings site like BirdGuides.
    If you live in N London then one site is Lynford Arboretum in Norfolk, it is not far from the A11. There is also a twitter feed for HawfinchUK sightings which is updated fairly regularly through their visiting season.
    Hope this helps.



  • In reply to HAZY:

    Hazel and Tony,

    Thanks for the info that’s great.
    Cannot thank you both enough.

  • Bye the way Dan there is also a twitter feed for Waxwing sightings around the UK if your interested, @WaxwingsUK and Hawfinch is @HawfinchesUK