Hello RSPB...! Recenty my family and I spotted THIRTEEN red kites circling over the fields and woods by our garden. We wanted to know if this was rare or not. We have always been interested in red kites but never have we seen so many in the same hunting ground...!

  • Hiya Daddy and Squeaky welcome to the community.
    I suppose it depends where you live if it is rare or not, in the areas where the originally released them or where they naturally occur it may not be so rare, but around me on the outskirts of Sheffield even one is very scarce.
    Could they have been attracted to a newly ploughed field hunting for worms?

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  • There is an area near to YAXLEY on A1 (outskirts of Peterborough) where I often see large numbers of RED KITES in the air. Usually about a dozen or so but on occasion as many as 17-18 have been spotted. I am usually driving along (N or S) so cannot pay too much attention...