Baby Pigeon

Hi, after some advice what to do with a baby pigeon found in our garage 2 days ago? It has asome feathers but can't fly far off the ground. We have been putting it overnight in a disused dog kennel with a grate on the front, with water & seed & it appears to be eating & quite happy. When we removed the grate it had a little wander & tried to fly but unsuccessfully on the first day. We tried again yesterday but it didn't come out & was getting late so gave it fresh water & seed. We have dogs & there are cats around too. We are due to do away in a few days so was worried to just leave it.

  • Hi Andrea, do you have a specialised pigeon rescue centre or other type of rescue centre that you could take the bird to or that could pick it up. Keeping it safe with water a food is good, but even if you were not going away you would have to watch out for any danger from prey. Good luck.

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  • We found a baby pigeon that was in our garden for a few days. It may have injured its wing, don't know. We gave it water and food and even took into the conservatory to keep it warm, but it died that night. We were going to take it to the vet the next day.
    Hope the little fellow is ok.