Need Help To Find Rump Parrots


me and my family recently shifted from Pakistan to Manchester England in Pakistan we had many birds that we left their

now my wife insisting me for rump parrots but i have no idea from where to get these parrots in Manchester this city is new

for me and because of my job i have not enough time to go out and search the market for these parrots so can anyone guide

me from where i can get these birds in Manchester which is the best place  where i can find these birds thanks



here are few more images

  • Hello haris I'm not sure you have found the right place to ask your question regarding sourcing a red-rump parrot as most of us on rspb community are not in favour of captive more exotic breeds preferring to see them in their natural country and wildlife habitat. I am sure there are breeders and suppliers out there for these birds but I would be careful who you buy from and whether they or you need a licence first. Buying exotic birds and wildlife which originate from foreign countries can lead to all sorts of ethical and other problems. Too often you hear how a non-native bird has accidentally escaped or become too difficult to look after and end up being released in an unfamiliar environment and therefore often die as a result. I am not saying you and wife wouldn't be good carers of these birds but I would give it serious thought before you purchase and definitely check out the seller and his credentials before parting with money.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"