Goldfinch Invasion

Earlier in the year we noticed that our neighbour had goldfinches on her feeder and we didn't so we asked her what to feed them. Anyway we set up 3 hanging feeders on a feeder station and were delighted to see goldfinches appear. We put niger seed and sunflower hearts in the feeders. I was particularly pleased last week to see four adults and two juveniles all together, but yesterday evening at around 5.30pm I counted ten adult goldfinches all together at the three feeders. There was a bit of squabbling going on, but it was a great sight.   Do goldfinches tend to flock together at certain times of the year?

  • Hi Border Reiver

    My numbers of Goldfinches are building now too, yep they are a bird that will flock together when feeding (known as a charm) now that breeding season is over.

    I'm still getting some youngsters among the adults that are still being fed.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Hi Alan, Thanks for the reply and photo, because we haven't had any before, we didn't know what to expect. Their favourite food is Niger Seed and when it gets crowded, some drop seed onto the ground for others to eat there. They definitely have their certain feeding times that they prefer.
  • If you have any fields nearby that have seed heads/weeds in them you want to try and have a look for them there can be hundreds in a flock, it is amazing to see them.
    I'm sure you will get more once it gets colder, a lot of us have no luck with the Niger Seed, as you can see mine prefer Sunflower Hearts.
    Over winter also keep a look out for Redpolls, Siskins and maybe a Brambling among them.

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  • Not sure about whether flocking is usual now, but I saw a large flock of 20 or so individuals enjoying the crop in a small field of sunflowers on Gower Peninsular yesterday (10/9/19)