Wood Pigeon

Hi There!

I had a wood pigeon nesting in a tree next to my house when I checked at 9.00am she was sitting on the nest but at 12.00pm she was gone it looks like the nest is

beginning to fall out and it looks like there is still an egg in there male not seen for 4 days

Does anyone know why this could of happened and what can be done:-)

  • Hi Adam welcome to the community ... Wood Pigeons are noted for building very flimsy nests & with all the wet & windy weather we've all been experiencing over past couple of weeks it's no surprise that the nest is giving way ... could be that this nest has been abandoned so there is nothing useful you can do except keep an eye out for an adult incubating! Always sad to stand back & watch nature's tragedies!


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  • I agree with all Wendy has said.

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