What kind of duck is this?

It's the one with the white neck I'm asking about. It's with the other mallards bit hasn't got the same colours.

  • Ah, the dreaded Manky Mallard question. You wouldn't believe how often this comes up, understandably as they do look very different.

    It's a domestic variant of a wild Mallard which has been produced by selective breeding. They come in a wide range of weird and wonderful looking ducks as you will see if you browse the link below.

    Manky Mallards

    Some of them have been given names. Yours looks like a Duclair drake but it's still fundamentally a Mallard.



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  • Why do people release them into the wild?
    There are 3 of their sort and two other types. I just don't know where they are coming from.
  • They are not always released on purpose it is hard to contain duck to prevent them spreading into the wild and some are the result of cross breeding in the wild. Most areas where people feed duck regularly have a few of these around. In my opinion no bird deserves the title "manky"


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  • In reply to Seaman:

    Seaman:  In my opinion no bird deserves the title "manky"

    Couldn't agree more Pete,  same goes for the beautiful Dunnock sometimes referred to as a Little Brown Job.   I also feel sorry for Vultures that are referred to as "Ugly"  because they have a bald head  (good job we don't apply that to humans lol)  and are often the birds overlooked when it comes to sponsoring certain species in need of funding.    It's like Magpies, Sparrowhawks , etc, when some folk say they hate them because they take small birds ….. but would they say the same about their pet cat who doesn't need to kill in order to eat ?  !


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